Participation in a mountain bike race presupposes that every biker is familiar with these race regulations and respecting some well-defined rules.

The society ASD Capoliveri Bike Park Isola d'Elba (Code 08F3011) Address: Piazza del Cavatore, 1, 57031 Capoliveri (LI) E-mail info@capoliverilegendxco.it will organize:

  • On the 08 april 2023 an International event, called Capoliveri Legend XCO - 3# Prova Internazionali Italia Series/UCI MTB XCO JUNIOR SERIES class HC UCI speciality XCO, reserved for Open M/W and Junior M/W categories.
  • On the 09 april 2023 a national event, called Elba Bike Legend Young XCO – Top class N, speciality XCO, reserved for Esordienti/Allievi M/W categories;

The length of the course is 4,000 meters with a difference in height of 170 meters for the Open M/W - Juniorn M/W - Master M/W categories;

For the categories Es/All. M/W 1st and 2nd year the length of the course and the duration of the tests will be determined by the FCI federal regulations valid for the year 2022;

In the attached map the following locations are listed: the jury facilities, race segretary, the doping control, the first aid, the press room, the management organization, showers and the area for washing bicycles.

The race is part of the UCI International FCI national calendar in compliance with UCI/FCI rules and it assigns points as in the Annex No. 1.

The race is part of the UCI international calendar, class HC, for the following categories: Open M/W (Elite/Under 23) and Junior M/W , while it is part of the National Calendar for Esordienti M/W 1st, 2nd years, Allievi M/W 1st, 2nd years.

"Participation is subject to the regular possession of the following requirement:

  • only for athletes not registered with the Italian Cycling Federation and not provided with a certificate validated with the DataHealth service, uploading data and a copy of the medical certificate on the ENDU portal upon registration.

Verification of the correct possession of an adequate certificate can take place in the field in one of the following ways:

  • verification of the sports card with its DataHealth logo and expiration date compatible with the race;
  •  verification through the possession of QRcode-DH;
  •  only for athletes not registered with the Italian Cycling Federation, verification of a paper copy of the medical certificate.

Junior Series Partecipation

The national federation of the organizing country, after consultation with the event organiser and considering the suitability of the course, may register supplementary riders from that country for team B. The maximum number of these additional riders, the selection criteria used to select them, and the uniform they race in is at the discretion of the national federation but must be clearly defined on the event website.

Entries must be received by Wednesday, April 13th at 12.00 PM. Afterwards riders have to complete the registration on the organizer’s website http://capoliverilegendcup.it/xcoen/iscrizioni.asp;

The race is by invitation, registration can be done through a registration form, in the form of a letter or mail sent by the rider’s society to the organizers, who must receive it not later than April 05th at 12.00 PM;

The expected registration fees are as follows:

  • Free registration for Elba Bike Legend Young XCO - reserved for Beginners / Students M / W categories to be made using the K-Sport factor;
  • €. 20.00 for Capoliveri Legend XCO - 3 # Internazionali d'Italia Series - reserved for Junior M / W and Open (Elite / Under 23) M / W categories to be carried out using the K-Sport factor for FCI members and through the following link for foreign athletes www.internazionaliditaliaseries.it/iscrizioni/.


IBAN: IT89 S 08461 70740 000010982506


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The organizer agrees to promptly notify the non-acceptance of enrollment. The formula of silent consent will be considered valid;

The headquarters of the events is located in Capoliveri - Elba Island at the Old Officina Museum in loc. Calamita, reachable from Piazza del Cavatore continuing along the Comunale del Calamita road for 5 km.

Detailed schedule in the Annex No. 2. and in the dedicated section of the official website of the race;

Starting order. Riders shall assemble in the call-up zone 15 minutes before the Start, at Piazzale del Vallone Alto in loc. Calamita - Capoliveri Elba Island.

The anti-doping control will be carried out in accordance with the regulations of UCI , the FCI and the Ministry of Health and will take place at the Old Officina Museum in loc. Calamita/Capoliveri;

The shuttle transport service with the Organization's vehicles will be guaranteed to speed up operations.

The prizes will be paid in agreement with the UC/FCI tables (see please the Annex No.3) and in the dedicated section of the official website of the race.

Duly marked and equipped feed and tecnica zone, will be set up on the route, as per the route map in the dedicated section of the official website of the race and in the technical guide;

Only accredited personnel (2 passes every 4 Athletes, single zone), or with identification clothing can access.

The showers are located at the Ilse Municipal Stadium, Loc. Vaccarelle in Capoliveri, about 5.5 km from the competition field;

All riders crossing the finish line after the winner are considered having finished the race and they will be classified as their position on that moment;

The riders who will not finish the race must leave immediately the race course and they are forbidden to cross the finish line; on the final standing they will be marked with DNF (Did Not Finish) and they will not be given any point for the race;

Overlapped riders must finish the lap they are racing and then leaving the circuit by the exit located 200 mt. before the finish line;

They will be classified in the order they left the race, their names will be indicated with the number of times they have been overlapped;

Results will be communicated on Excel Format to UCI and FCI, in accordance with their existing regulations.

The award ceremony will be held after the end of each race

The health care service will be guaranteed by a first aid center - First AID with specialized medical personnel and medicalized medical means;

As per the Health Plan provided for the event and approved by the competent Area Health Authority, the emergency room of the Portoferraio hospital (phone: 0039 0565 926111) and the helicopter rescue service were alerted for the races.

The Organizer, for broadcasting purposes, is allowed to select an available rider and let him wear a micro camera during the race. The name of the chosen rider will be communicated to the Commissaire Panel’s President, raising him from any responsibility.

No liability, of any nature, for damage to persons or property, resulting from accidents or for offenses committed by the participants in the event, can in any way be held by the organization and those who collaborate with it. For what is not covered by these regulations, the Panel of Jury will apply the regulations of the UCI and the FCI and the laws of the Italian State.

With the registration request, the team and the athletes declare:

  • to have a sports medical certificate according to the D.M. of 18.02.82;
  • to have a regular card if registered with a company recognized by the UCI and the FCI;
  • to have third party liability insurance;
  • to have read and accepted the regulations;
  • to consent to the use of his images and data without requesting compensation and recourse against the Organizing Committee


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