Area Team

Area Team

Dear team,

Thank you for choosing to participate in the Capoliveri Legend XCO on 07/8/9 April, round of the Internazionali d'Italia Series FCI/XCO, UCI XCO JUNIOR SERIES and round of the Italian Club Championship FCI CAT. ES/AL 2023.

The Team Area and the competition field, as well as the surrounding areas, are located in a territory and in a unique and particular scenario as well as being of value, forming part of the Monte Calamita Mining Compendium, within the Archipelago National Park Tuscan, MaB reserve of the UNESCO Islands of Tuscany. Therefore, all participants and accompanying persons are invited to behave in a way that preserves the surrounding environment.

Inside the Team Area it will be possible to stop temporarily during the period and at the times indicated in the race programme. It is absolutely forbidden to stay overnight inside it, therefore at the end of the work you will be instructed by the organizational staff to leave the area / competition field, which is closed to the public at night, for reasons of safety, authorizations and regulations issued by the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago, which does not provide for such behaviour. During the closing period, the organization will guarantee a professional surveillance service for the control of the Area.

The Organizing Committee declines all responsibility for abandonment of material, for accidents and/or damages that may occur to people and/or things before, during and after the event. With the request for assignment of the Team Area, the team assumes all responsibility.

It should be noted that for reasons of space, the Team Area will be limited to limited access to 1 (one) only vehicle/van per team and assembly of 1 gazebo/structure limited to the available space, unless otherwise specified by the O.C. for logistical and organizational reasons.

Material loading and unloading operations will be allowed, for the sole purpose of proceeding with the immediate removal of excess vehicles, which can be parked in the areas indicated until availability is exhausted, as well as outside the Team Area and the competition field, along the municipal road.

It is at the discretion of the Organizing Committee to guarantee any other spaces for areas reserved for the sponsors of the event.

During the access and assembly operations of the structures, the organizational staff will indicate the instructions and operations for occupying the area that will be allocated to the applicant. Maximum collaboration and availability is required by virtue of the usual rules of education and civil common sense. The personnel in charge will work for the full success of the Event.

You will have to indicate to the staff the name of the team you belong to, in order to verify the request and confirmation received, which must be shown for access to the Area.

We take this opportunity to extend our best regards and have fun.

The Organizing Committee
Asd Capoliveri Bike Park

Capoliveri Legend XCO Internazionali d'Italia Series


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