Area Camper

Area Camper


We hereby thank you for choosing to participate in the Capoliveri Legend XCO.

The camper area will be located at the buoy / cemetery parking at the entrance to the municipality of Capoliveri after the sports field. The area is in effect a car park. In the Area there is the possibility of carrying out a water loading service but not used for discharging waste water, a service that will be made available and indicated by the Organizing Committee.

The parking is free and no reservation required, the rules of normal good civic sense and education apply.

You will find information on the spot about the area indicated at the entrance to the town of Capoliveri.

The camper area is 5.5 km from the race field, continuing along the scenic municipal road for the magnet mines.

The road is asphalted for 4.5 km, while the last 1 km is a dirt road.

It will be possible to stop on the right side of the road that leads to the race field, and subsequently continuing beyond the entrance to the secretariat, in such a way as not to obstruct vehicular traffic, positioning itself in such a way as to guarantee parking for other vehicles.

The competition field, as well as the neighboring areas, appear to be located in a territory and in a unique and particular scenario as well as of value, which is part of the Mining Compendium of Monte Calamita, within the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago, Mab Reserve UNESCO Islands of Tuscany.

Therefore, all participants and companions are required to behave in a way that preserves the surrounding environment.

It will be possible to stop temporarily during the period and at the times indicated in the race program. It is absolutely forbidden to stay overnight in the areas adjacent to the race field, therefore it is preferable at the end of the day, to return to the indicated camper area, as well as for safety reasons, also to avoid any checks and penalties provided for by current regulations and regulations and clearances. of the event, issued by the national park of the Tuscan archipelago.

Maximum collaboration and availability is required by virtue of the usual rules of education and good civil sense. The staff in charge appears to be voluntary personnel and will strive for the full success of the event.

A catering service will be guaranteed during the event, as the town is more than 5 km from the competition field, within the white area, in loc. Magnet to the white area of ​​the museum of the "old workshop", access to the area will be manned by personnel who will measure body temperature, the use of masks and prevention devices is mandatory within the areas.

A shuttle bus service to and from the Camper Area, parking area, made available by the Organizing Committee will also be guaranteed.

We take the opportunity to extend cordial greetings.

The Organizing Committee
Asd Capoliveri Bike Park

Capoliveri Legend XCO Internazionali d'Italia Series


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