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Join You in the Legend!


Participation to the Classic Route (50km) is open to the athletes registered at their respective National Cycling Federation. The registration must be valid for the season 2020 for “point to point XC” races type, starting from Junior and Master Junior categories. Participation to the Marathon Route (80km) is open to the athletes registered at their respective National Cycling Federation and UCI, registration valid for the season 2020 for XCM races type. Participants must be in agreement with our responsibility conditions, renouncing to any legal actions against the Organising Committee (O.C.).

For each participant it is required to:

  1. Be regularly enrolled in the UCI/National Cycling Federation or Sport Institutions recognised by the respective National Federation (membership has to be valid for the year 2020). In addition, they must be in compliance with the competitive medical certificate. These documents must be shown at the pick-up of the race numbers
  2. Alternatively, athletes will be able to participate showing only a valid medical certificate and collecting the FCI daily card provided by the O.C. with an additional cost of 10 €.

Without a valid medical certificate or a valid sport card, the athlete CANNOT attend the race.

Registrations opens on 1st of October 2019at 6 am.

It is possible to register on-line through the Datasport (registration)

The participation fees are as follows:

  • € 50,00 from 01/10/2019 to 31/10/2019 on-line;
  • € 65,00 from 01/11/2019 to 31/08/2020 on-line;
  • € 75.00 from 01/09/2020 to 06/09/2020 online and 09/09/2020 at the race secretary;
  • € 100.00 GOLD registration 100 bibs over 2,500 entries.
  • € 100.00 for tandem Classic route only.


N.B. The above quotas are to be considered net of management costs and costs for the payment transaction deriving from the use of the various methods (credit card, bank transfer, paypal, etc.) for transactions on national and international circuits.

For large teams, in the event of cumulative registration on the Datasport website, 9 members must be entered while the 10th component must be communicated by sending data to the following link: COMPLETE REGISTRATION, attaching a copy of the card, the choice of route, email address and copy of the payment of the cumulative, correctly filling in all its parts. Otherwise the registration will be declared invalid.

It will be the concern of the C.O. confirm and insert the name not loaded through the registration procedure in the starters list on the Datasport portal.

CLC offers the possibility to enroll at a discounted price for:

- Tuscan Cup subscriber: € fee. 50.00 (contact the Tuscan Cup office);
- Subscriber Rampitek Series: fee €. 50.00 COMPLETE REGISTRATION and payment https://www.capoliverilegendcup.it/pagamento.asp
- Combined “The Legendary Races” with Dolomiti Superbike: cumulative during the registration phase on the DATSPORT.COM procedure of both races.

1) €. 150.00 until 31/03/2020;
2) €. 160.00 until 07.07.2020;
3) In case of registration already made for the single race, you can proceed with the adjustment by contacting the C.O. of the race to which you are registered.

- The Combined “0 to 2000” with Pedalonga: cumulative during the registration phase on the procedure of both races.
1) €. 90.00 per biker until 31/12/2019;
2) €. 110.00 per biker until 07/31/2020;

important see pair race rules for Pedalonga and sum of times for CLC, only Marathon course.

- Prestigio Bici Club members: €. 50.00 until subscription ends;
- "Combined of Two Seas": canceled
- "Combined Sea to Sky MTB Challenge" with Ironbike-Ischgl (AUT): €. 81.00 cumulative during the registration phase on the DATASPORT.COM procedure of both races;
- Combined "The Best Island MTB Marathon" with cumulative Etnamarathon during the registration phase on the procedure of both races.

1) €. 80.00 fixed fee;
2) In case of registration already made for the single race, you can proceed with the adjustment by contacting the C.O. of the race to which you are registered.

Payment is available on-line by credit/debit card or bank transfer at the moment of the registration according to Datasport modalities, see the voice “registration” in our website https://www.capoliverilegendcup.it/iscrizione.asp  from the 1st of October 2019 (6.00 a.m.)

Different payments and registration modalities may be discussed with the Organising Committee by e-mail: info@capoliverilegendcup.it

The registration fee is NOT refunded if the race cannot take place for any reason due to force majeure (natural magnets, prohibitions of appropriate bodies, health emergencies, choice of the Organizing Committee)

It will be possible to refund the registration for illness, accident or lack of certified sporting fitness by activating insurance during registration directly on the portal, a service offered by DATASPORT.COM https://www.datasport.com/it/per-gli-sportivi/faq/ at the additional cost of €. 3.25 to be selected on the appropriate screen.

It will be possible for the 2020 edition to freeze the registration for free for the following year 2021 by promptly communicating the request by email to info@capoliveribikepark.it by the deadline of 31/07/2020.

It is possible to replace the name of a participant with that of another person free of charge by 07/31/2020.

From 01/08/2020 a secretarial contribution of € will be required for this operation. 10.00 by paypal at the following link: https://www.capoliverilegendcup.it/pagamento.asp REASON: NOMINATIVE REPLACEMENT FROM ____ (SURNAME AND NAME) TO ____ (SURNAME AND NAME).

To communicate the data of the new member replacing the previous one, the following on-line format must be completed: https://www.capoliverilegendcup.it/completa.asp.

There is also an opportunity to change the choice of route made during the registration phase by the deadline of 15.09.2020 by paying a secretarial contribution of € .5.00 at the following link: https://www.capoliverilegendcup.it/pagamento.asp

After this date, it will be possible to change the route directly on site at the secretariat on 09/10/2020 by contributing the tender material regeneration costs of €. 15.00 (race envelope - non-personalized numerical table - disposable chip - numerical backbone - pins and straps).

Personal data provided at the moment of the registration will be saved and used only by the Organising Commettee and for the organization of the event. With the registration, the participant declares that personal data can be used by third parties. He also accepts the publication (both printed and digital) of the departure lists and the final ranking on the event websites, National Cycling Federation website and on the website of the timekeeping company. With the registration, the participant declares to agree to the publication of personal data on all media (internet, homepage and printing etc..). Furthermore, the participant and the Organizer declare that the photographic material and video, concerning the event, will be spread and published, and no compensation is required.

The Organising Commettee can modify this Regulation, the route and the altimeter profiles until the conduct of the Race.

According to FCI/UCI regulations for season 2020 the admitted categories will be:

  • MARATHON (80 km/3200 mt): OPEN M/F (Élite – Under 23), ÉLITE SPORT, MASTER MASCHILE (M1 - M2 - M3 - M4 - M5 - M6 – M7 - M Over), MASTER FEMMINILE (Master Elite W and Master Woman 1 – 2);
  • CLASSIC (50 km/1700 mt): JUNIOR, JUNIOR SPORT, ÉLITE SPORT, MASTER MASCHILE (M1 - M2 - M3 - M4 - M5 - M6 – M7 – M Over), MASTER FEMMINILE (Master Elite W and Master Woman 1 - 2);

Starting grids for the year 2020 will be in blocks in order to have a good fluidity of the path. Due to the characteristics of the routes where the CLC takes place, this will allow to fully enjoying the itinerary as well. Starting grids will be defined as follows:

  • The best ranking obtained at the CLC in the last three years will be considered (2017, 2018 e 2019 editions for route type), excluding ranking of merit UCI/FCI Top Class according to UCI/FCI regulations and in presence of guests of the Organization.
  • The date of the online registration will be considered. If the registration date is the same, the athletes which have already attended the CLC have the priority.

The indicated times and the blocks composition are chosen by the O.C. and can be modified until the beginning of the race in order to guarantee a better conduct of the event.

The women’s categories, excluding the OPEN, can choose a preferred block.

The athletes leaving from the wrong grid will be disqualified. The athletes registered for the Classic Route, but leaving with the athletes of the Marathon Route, will be disqualified.

In addition, the blocks listed below by number are related to the amount of the grid of merit and not to the real number assigned.

Si precisa inoltre che i blocchi di partenza sotto riportati in ordine numerico sono in virtù del quantitativo per griglia di merito e non esclusivamente come numero reale assegnato, a discrezione del C.O. saranno assegnati numeri anche a blocchi di 500 per esempio, per eventuali cambi di pettorali dovuti a classifiche e ranking in aggiornamento, si garantisce la composizione delle griglie numericamente parlando di 400 atleti a blocco ad esclusione dell’ultimo di ogni tipologia di percorso.

Blocks will be 4 for each Route: (Marathon, Classic)

  • Block 1 Marathon h 08:30 (from 1 to 400);
  • Block 2 Marathon h 08.35 (from 401 to 800);
  • Block 3 Marathon h 8.40 (from 801 to 1200);
  • Block 4 Marathon h 08:45 (from 1201 onwards).
  • Block 1 Classic h 09,30 (from 2001 to 2400);
  • Block 2 Classic h 09:35 (from 2401 to 2800);
  • Block 3 Classic h 09:40 (from 2800 to 3200)
  • Block 4 Classic h 09.45 (from 3200 onwards);

The Capoliveri Legend Cup is a mountain bike race, therefore only the use of mountain bikes or mountain tandem is permitted. Small reparations will be possible in the appropriate zones which will be indicated as Feed Technical Zone, where our staff will provide assistance for the athletes if their teams is not present. We highly recommend a technical check of the bike before the beginning of the race.

Wearing the homologated helmet is mandatory for all the athletes during the race.

Using cameras or CAM placed on the bike, on the helmet or on the body is forbidden, unless previously authorized from the O.C. and from the Jury, according to UCI/FCI regulations. If the athlete does not follow this rule, he or she will be disqualified.

The race will take place both in public and in private roads. Each participant must respect the rules of the Italian road code. Furthermore, complying with UCI and FCI regulations – concerning the road code – is compulsory. Alternatively, the participant will be disqualified.

The President of the Jury for the Marathon Route will be appointed by the UCI – to which this competition is regularly subscribed – and supported by collaborators appointed by the FCI and by the Director of off-road race , chosen by the O.C. in the appropriate FCI register valid for national and international competitions.

Any complaint need to be addressed to the Jury Board according to the modalities reported by UCI and FCI Regulations.

The “flowers ceremony’’ will take place immediately after the arrival of the first classified participants. The official award ceremony will start at 18:30 in Piazza Matteotti where each category will be awarded according to UCI/FCI Regulations as follows:

Marathon Route:

  • OPEN Male Category: 1st/10th place;
  • OPEN Female Category: 1st/5th place;
  • Amateur Category: 1st/5th place;

Classic Route:

  • Absoluts M/F: 1st/5th place;
  • Junior: 1st/5th place;
  • Amateur Category: 1st/3rd place

Money prizes will be provided for Competitive Categories according to UCI/FCI Regulation for International competitions;

The O.C can publish in the appropriate section on the website the money prizes expected, for the first 10 places (Men) and the first 5 places (Women).

GPM GARRITTA m. 413 s.l.m.

Best time 1st/3rd place (Men);

Best time 1st/3rd place (Women).

The O.C. can exclude from the competitions unwelcomed athletes.

Using bikes equipped with any type of electric or assisted support is strictly forbidden.

Any waste has to be disposed in the appropriate zones placed at the end of each Refreshment point located on the route and indicated as TRASH ZONE. Although appropriate bins are present, it is also allowed to throw the garbage on the ground in the indicated TRASH ZONE, where our staff will provide to collect it.

Except for the TRASH ZONE, throwing garbage on the ground is strictly forbidden, alternatively the participant will be disqualified. It is worth noting that the territory where the CLC takes place is part of the Arcipelago Toscano National Park which represents the largest Sea Park of Europe, therefore an appropriate behavior is required in order to preserve the environment.

It is risk and responsibility of the participant to attend the Capoliveri Legend Cup. With the registration, the participant renounces to take actions against third parties, the O.C and all the natural and legal persons involved in the organization of the event. Furthermore, subscribing to the CLC, each participant confirms to have good physical conditions in order to attend this type of competition.

Withdrawing from the race is possible only after notifying the assigned personnel present in the route (Marshall), which will proceed with the withdrawing of the transponder placed on the race table and will communicate the withdraw of the participant to the O.C. and the Jury.

The closing gate for the Marathon Trial, will be placed at about Km 52 in LocalitàPinocchiello at the end of the “Wall of the Legend”, show point placed at the passage in the town near the Town Hall of Capoliveri.

The only athletes who travel the Marathon Route outside the time limit of travel will be diverted on the arrival following the indications for the Classic Route until the first junction Classic/Marathon (placed 1 Km after the re-routing). At this junction the athletes have to continue with the Marathon Route.

No exceptions will be made for any reason and no case. After the closing gate the sign will be removed by our staff.

The Marathon closing gate will be activated after 15:00 (fifteen/00).

  • Slower participants must facilitate the faster athletes in the process of overtaking.
  • When the paths are not clearly visible an appropriate speed must be maintained.
  • Do not exceed the technical limit in downhill path.
  • In case of breakages, these need to be repaired outside the route of the race for safety reasons.
  • During the final sprint, change of the carriageway is not permitted.
  • Participants which do not follow the rules, will be immediately disqualified

With the subscription the participant declares to possess the medical certificate (according to D.M. 18/02/82) and a valid sport membership and to have clearly understood and accepted this Regulation.

GDPR: With the subscription the participant declares to authorize ASD Capoliveri Bike Park to send all communications concerning the event via e-mail.

Ethical requirement: with the subscription the participant and the team representative confirm the absence of sporting sanctions or disciplinary measures (Civil and Penal) and ongoing investigations concerning doping against him. Furthermore, the participant declares to not have taken – and taking – any drug reported in the anti-doping World Antidoping Agency (WADA) list ( https://www.wada-ama.org/en/resources/sciencemedicine/prohibited-list).

If the athlete results positive to the anti-doping controls carried out by the CLC, positivity confirmed during the 6 (six) months following the CLC, due to the serious damage of the event’s image, he will have to provide a compensation of € 50.000,00 (euro fifty thousand /00) to the O.C. In case of enrollment with a sport affiliation, the latter will be responsible for providing this compensation.

The O.C. can prosecute the participant and the sport affiliation in all the appropriate seats in order to protect its image.

The participant agrees with the use of his image and data as stated by DLgs nr. 196 (30 Giugno 2003, norma in materia di protezione dei dati personali).

Sending the online application is considered an electronic subscription itself.

By electronic signature, the law means all the data in electronic form, attached or connected by logical association to other electronic data, used as a method of computer identification.

The company Datasport is responsible for the time keeping. Excluding the competitive categories (Open / Junior) for which the physical arrival is required by UCI/FCI regulations, the travel time will be measured considering the competitor's real time.

With the online subscription, the athlete declares:

  • To have a competitive sport medical certificate according to the D.M. of 18.02.82;
  • Without a valid competitive sport certificate the athlete CANNOT attend the race.
  • To have a valid sport card if regularly subscribed to a sport affiliation.
  • To have an insurance of civil liability against third parties.
  • To have read and accepted this regulation.
  • To agree with the use of his images and data without requiring any compensation

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